About Us

The Partnership for Health (PFH), Hunterdon’s “healthier community” initiative, was co-founded in 1995 by John Beckley, former Hunterdon County Health Department director, Robert Wise, President and CEO of Hunterdon Healthcare System and Dr. Bernadette West, then Executive Director of Local Advisory Board (LAB) III (a central New Jersey regional health planning organization).

The PFH is a county-wide coalition of over 50 community agencies sharing a common interest in promoting the health of county residents. The project has taken the lead in conducting a wide range of community surveys and assessments designed to measure and track community health indicators over the years. Additionally, “action teams” have worked to address a range of identified priorities. The most recently targeted issues include obesity, substance abuse, Latino health disparities, and aging-related issues.

It is expected that the evolving changes of the healthcare reform will have a profound impact on the health of many communities, including Hunterdon County, and that the PFH will play an active and important role in helping to advocate for and to direct new investments promoting community health and wellness.